The Followers of Christ


The Roman Catholic Church

Rich in ritual and history, the Roman Catholic Church is still a powerful religious institution in the modern world. They once controlled approximately thirteen percent...


Fundamentalist Sects

As churches grow and expand, many of their basic doctrines are eased to accommodate new groups of people. This is often the reason new sects...


Studying Religious Confession

For young children, admitting they did something wrong is often a difficult part of their life. Their parents find a broken vase, and they want...


The Many Sects of Protestants

There have always been people who disagreed with the Roman Catholic Church, and Leonardo da Vinci is just one of the more famous. His scientific...

More than two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was born and founded a new religion. He was born as a Jew, but he questioned the teachings of that faith at an early age. He gathered his own followers during his lifetime, and they went on to write down his teachings and spread them throughout much of Europe. Today, Christianity still flourishes in many places across the globe, but there are now many different sects to this religion.

Any person who follows the teachings of Christ is considered a Christian, but there are deep differences between sects. The original Christian Church belongs to the Roman Catholics, and all others are generally considered to be Protestants. This is because the founders of these Christian religions chose to interpret the Bible differently than the Catholics, and they left in protest of what they saw as the church bending the teachings in ways that were inconsistent with the truth.